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June, 2011


Thank you to all organizations for your logo item donations and your newsletter information. 
Keep them coming!

The Board is working hard to build up DACCS membership at the meetings. We know that you have a busy schedule but we are hoping you will be at as many meetings this year as possible!

2011 DACCS Officers

President – J. Adama Vacanti
Vice President – LaToiya Whipple
Secretary – Clem Oliver
Treasurer – Bernice Gammon
Membership – Amy Bracey
Newsletter – Clem Oliver
Members at Large - Debbie Flinn, Nicole Crews, Van Avery, Pat Danielse
Past President – Pattie DeShazor


DACCS Meeting
Friday, June 24, 2011

 12 noon at Golden Corral Restaurant

Kathie Tune

Vice President of Human Resources at Averett University


DACCS Announcements!
July Meeting
Friday-July 22, 2011

David Cox

Based in Lynchburg, with additional offices in Danville and Staunton, and practices bankruptcy law with the associate attorneys throughout the Western District of Virginia


If you would like to be our Guest Speaker at one of the DACCS Meetings to discuss your organization, please see LaToiya Whipple for details. Your lunch will be provided.

Do you have news to share to put in the DACCS newsletter?
If so, please contact: Clem Oliver with your information.
All information is needed by the 2nd Friday of each month.


By J. Adama Vacanti
Social Security District Manager in Danville, VA

In February 2011, Jeopardy! broadcast its first competition that pit man against machine. Watson, an artificial intelligence computer system developed by IBM, competed against the show’s two most successful champions: Ken Jennings (longest winning streak) and Brad Rutter (biggest money winner). Watson won, with the help of a four-terabyte memory that included 200 million pages of encyclopedias — including the full text of Wikipedia.

We at Social Security have known for some time that computers can help people. As a result, we developed and now have some of the best online services in the world. Time and time again, Social Security’s online services are at the top of customer satisfaction surveys.

So here’s a Jeopardy! answer of our own: “You can conduct these online services at” What is the question?

All of the above are acceptable answers.

Computers are capable of making our lives much easier. In fact, you might say that using our online services makes doing business with Social Security … elementary, dear Watson.

See for yourself at


Cross Roads Reconciliation Services, Inc.
Is pleased to announce the grand opening of our

Saturday, June 18th • 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Mt. Hermon Courtyard
2725 Franklin Turnpike
Danville, VA

Offering clothing, accessories, household items at prices you can afford. Donations are accepted. Tax receipts supplied.


Cross Roads Reconciliation Services, Inc.
Search for Significance

Monday, June 6, 2011
625 Piney Forest Road, Ste. 108
Danville, VA

Join us for an in-depth women’s study group, Search for Significance, written by Robert S. McGee, beginning Monday, June 6, 2011.

This study will be divided into 3 sections:

  • Background for Understanding
  • Satan’s Lies vs. God’s Truths
  • Emotional Scars, Reject/Replace, and Experiencing God’s Purposes

The cost is $5 per week plus the $10 workbook. The class will meet each Monday from 6:00- 7:30 p.m. Call 791-2767 to register for this class.


Please send News to Clem Oliver with your information.
All information is needed by the 2nd Friday of each month.